Entry #1


2008-02-10 03:37:50 by GreenEyedNinja

...what 2 say... hmm... well I guess I'll introduce myself. My name is David Webster, I'm a huge fan of action, violence, Ninjas, and anime. I'll try to submit stuff as often as possible, but it'll take some time to master flash. Umm... and I'm also a black belt in Ninjutsu. Hurray for ninja.


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2008-02-10 05:45:26

I knew Ninjustsu, but i dont have a belt to prove it >.<

I train myself because I am my own master -^_^-

And Ninjas Are F-ing Awesome~~

(Updated ) GreenEyedNinja responds:

HAIL THE NINJA!! Good job keeping up with your trainign, even without a master. It's good to be self motivated!


2008-04-27 16:51:41

Ninjas hunh... AWESOME !!! There preaty cool ! (oh and you leaved a comment on my page, how did you find me?) ps:what do you think about my idea. OH and it's nice to intoduce yourself. (respond my comment please)

(Updated ) GreenEyedNinja responds:

...It's a good idea, but you'd have to get permission from the authors. The $$$ could go to NG and everything... I wonder why nobody else has thought of this.
BTW, I found you because of your'e comments on Canadian Idiot. (It's just a parody of a song called "american idiot" by Weird Al, who is a naitive canadian. )


2008-06-02 07:31:48

whens Blue Ninja 2 coming out?

(Updated ) GreenEyedNinja responds:

Soon. Me and another fan of it are working togheteron it. I didn't think it would be so popular... It was just a random practice flash that I decided to finish.


2008-06-25 23:13:50

All good stuff =)